New Information and Use of Blog

By Stanley Sagov / November 15, 2023 /

I have been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma affecting both lungs .I am in the middle of learning about possible treatments to slow things down and reduce symptoms in the future. This was discovered as an incidental finding about 5 weeks ago. I have no symptoms at present other than managing my emotions and getting my affairs in order. I am sharing this with you…

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Progress Report of good response to treatment on recent ct scan

By Stanley Sagov / May 21, 2024 /

Good news on the CT chest report (copied here)! 1. Continued decrease in size or resolution of lung nodules, now measuring up to 7 mm in the right lung base. So far so good! My day to day experience of the illness and side effects of treatment are still present and unpredictable in frequency and severity and I am getting more skillful in managing them…

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Channel 5 chronicle interview from last night.

By Stanley Sagov / March 29, 2024 /
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Ct Scan shows good initial response to immunotherapy infusions

By Stanley Sagov / March 5, 2024 /

So I feel depleted by medication the diease and grief and also am spiritually whole and glad to be alive and still sharing it with all my people..

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Link to Videos from our concert 12/16/2023

By Stanley Sagov / January 27, 2024 /

link to concert playlist Joyous reunion of our band after 3 years of pandemic caution and a celebration of life in my 80th year and navigating my medical challenges as well. my next immunotherapeutic infusion is on 2/6/24 and so far I am able to tolerate the first dose I got earlier this month. Will continue to keep you all posted.

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Starting immunotherapy next week

By Stanley Sagov / January 5, 2024 /

After doing due diligence , being tested and getting consultations I am about to start treatment in an effort to reduce symptoms and extend my life . After 5 decades of serving as a doctor I am relearning how to be a patient myself and especially how to to be an active patient with cancer as I strive to help my medical team , family…

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Sneak Preview of our show

By Stanley Sagov / December 1, 2023 /

Lets focus a bit on celebrating living and playing music for many of you all soon Here is a piece with my lifeloing friend ANTON FIG

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Video of FPG retirement event on 9/2021

By Stanley Sagov / March 4, 2022 /

Family Practice Group retirement Event Please enjoy what the practice did to memorialize my time with you all. Will leave this blog on line for about a month. Please share this with all you feel might be interested. I do not have your contact info anymore. love to all and I am doing okj teaching a bit, playing music and being 78

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Follow Your Dream Podcast

By Stanley Sagov / October 13, 2021 /

Interview re medicine and music  You can now listen to my interview on Robert Miller’s Follow Your Dream Podcast, recorded on October 11, 2021.  

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Cartoon by my cousin Stacey Stent re my arlington day honor

By Stanley Sagov / October 2, 2021 /

see you in beyond …..

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